2022.04.22 Press release

HEXEL Works accepts the investment from ORIX Corporation.

April 22,2022


HEXEL Works Inc. (“HEXEL”) announced today that HEXEL will accept the investment from ORIX Corporation (“ORIX”). and will become a consolidated subsidiary of the company by transferring a majority of the issued shares by June 2022.


HEXEL is a general electrical equipment company that takes pride in its overwhelming competitiveness in the electrical equipment construction of large-scale housing complexes as well as US military facilities in Japan. By thoroughly transferring authority to regional bases, each of the 17 business establishments in Japan and overseas are operated as if they were a single operating company, and we have received high praise from major general contractors and developers for our community-based services and abundant achievements.


On the other hand, the electric facility construction market nowadays is active, centered on large-scale projects such as redevelopment projects and logistics facilities in urban districts. HEXEL captures these demands by closely collaborating with ORIX’s group companies, which have business foundations and know-how in a wide range of fields, while maintaining management independence even after ORIX’s investment. HEXEL as well intends to capture these demands, expand our business, and develop new business areas.


We would like to ask our customers for their constant unchanged guidance from now on.