US Military Facilities

Building trust with our customers with
the best results in the industry and exacting expertise

Ever since we entered the US military construction market in 2003,
HEXEL Works has steadily built up an outstanding track record and commanding share in the field.

We have worked on numerous military construction projects at bases everywhere from Aomori to Okinawa,
building housing, lodging, commercial, and other types of facilities for US military use.

In addition, we have recently expanded our areas of US military-related business
to include facilities installation and even construction projects in Guam.

Our Representatives Discuss
Our Strengths

Our Representatives Discuss Our Strength

Executive Officer Kyushu Branch

Fuminori Tanaka

US military facility construction is a challenging field that demands knowledge and skills differing from those required for construction work in Japan. Specifically, practitioners in this field must be intimately familiar with the unified standards used at US military bases, such as the NEC (National Electrical Code), the UFC (Unified Facilities Spreadsheets), and others, as well as the different specifications required by the land, sea, and air forces and the marine corps, how to read English design documents, and so on. For this reason, we have established a specialized department (the US Military Construction Support Department) dedicated to assisting with US military-related projects.

Furthermore, in July 2015, we established an American corporation, HEXEL TECH ENGINEERING Corp., in order to more easily procure and develop the materials needed for US military construction operations in Japan. This company works closely with suppliers and other affiliates stateside, enabling us to quickly and reliably obtain construction materials in the United States and deliver them to Japan.

Sample Project


Kadena Air Base
Project Name
Improve Family
Housing Phase 11

Major Construction Sites

Base Project Name Date Complete
Misawa Air Base IMFH Weatherization and A/C Installation Phase 1 2017
Misawa Air Base REPR B673 AIRMEN DORM, (Misawa Air Base, JAPAN) 2015
Misawa Air Base Fire System Deficiencies Repair, Theater Building 556, (Misawa Air Base, Japan) 2014
Yokota Air Base Air Cargo Handling System 2015
Yokota Air Base Chili's Restaurant Construction 2009
Yokosuka Naval Base Himawari Tower, Building 4309 Whole House Revitalization 2014
Yokosuka Naval Base Building E-22 A/C System Renovation 2013
Iwakuni Air Base Vertical Take-off and Landing Pad North 2015
Iwakuni Air Base South Side Mess Hall Building 0222 Repair 2012
Sasebo Naval Base Darby School FY12 HVAC Replacement 2015
White Beach Data Center Facility 2010
Kadena Air Base Building 3671 Repair 2015
Andersen Air Force Base FY13 Milcon Project 140040 PH 2015