Air Conditioning
& Plumbing

Our team of specialists have the skills to smartly
and flexibly meets the needs of our customers.

Control of air and water systems is an essential part of comfortable apartment living.

We operate as a one-stop-shop for air conditioning and plumbing installation in apartment buildings
for major general contractors in the Tokyo area.

We earn the trust of our customers by not only installing air conditioning
and plumbing facilities with the specified materials and design,
but also by using our skill to smartly adapt our work to any changes necessary for each situation.

Our Representatives Discuss
Our Strengths

Our Representatives Discuss Our Strengths

Tokyo Second Branch
Senior Construction Manager

Hirobumi Ogisu

Our company has limited its air condition and plumbing installation business to specific general contractors in the apartment building market, which has allowed us to focus on our areas of technical expertise and devise highly efficient methods of construction.

Another one of our strengths comes from the fact that we frequently receive combined orders for air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical work. This enables us to manage all of these tasks collectively, allowing for more streamlined logistics and less overhead when managing on-site workers.

Thanks to our well-established relationship with our affiliated company partners, we have almost never had any issues or complaints regarding water leaks, etc. Our knowledge regarding apartment building construction is second-to-none among our competitors.