General Electric Works

Taking advantage of our peerless track-record
in large apartment building construction,
along with the skill and experience from our many years in the field,
to tackle electrical work at a wide variety of facilities.

As modern apartment buildings continue to grow taller and larger,
they are also expected to have an ever-wider repertoire of features, a popular one being internet access.

Our large apartment building electrical work business uses the latest technology
to furnish these large buildings with everything electric facility required in an ideal living space,
from transformers that receive electricity from power stations, to fuse boxes, internal wiring, lighting fixtures,
all the way down to the individual switches and outlets and each room.

In addition to apartment buildings and other shared living facilities,
we bring our superior skills and vast experience in electrical work to bear at numerous other types of facilities,
including medical facilities, lodging, offices, educational facilities, and more.

Our Representatives Discuss
Our Strengths


Managing Executive Officer

Yasuhiro Kawakami

Our strengths are our strong track-record from our dozens of years in the construction field and the high quality of our professional staff. The essential processes of electrical work vary little based on the type of facility being built; every project requires wiring, grounding, framework construction, cable burying, and, finally, facility mounting. However, the large number of small rooms in apartment buildings makes project management in this field considerably more complicated. Meanwhile, medical facilities require extra wiring for the specialized equipment used there, such as sensors. We are constantly striving to increase our expertise in order to produce better results during projects with specialized circumstances such as these. To achieve this goal, we hold yearly presentations to discuss the results of projects, and share resources freely within the company to provide our representatives with the knowledge and skills necessary for work in the field.

Sample Project

Sample Project

Building Category
Shared Housing
Building Name
Prime Parks Shinagawa
Seaside The Residence
Haseko Corporation
Date Complete
Building Size
335 units

Major Construction Sites

Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location Building Size
Premist Sapporo Terminal Tower Taisei Corporation 2015 Hokkaido Prefecture 235 units
Leben Nagaoka Terajima Town Kagata Corporation 2017 Niigata Prefecture 131 units
(Temporary Name) Tsukubamirai City Miraidaira Shared Housing Facility II and III (Facility Construction) Haseko Corporation 2015 Ibaraki Prefecture 283 units
Proud Omiya Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. 2014 Saitama Prefecture 168 units
The Residence Tsudanuma Kanade no Mori Fujita Corporation 2015 Chiba Prefecture 443 units
Yukari ga Oka Sky Plaza Mirai Tower Shimizu Corporation 2014 Chiba Prefecture 411 units
Shinagawa East City Tower Haseko Corporation 2018 Tokyo 363 units
Toshima Ecomuse Town (Brillia Tower Ikebukuro) Taisei Corporation 2015 Tokyo 432 units
Park City Osaki The Tower Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Tokyo 734 units
Brillia Ariake City Tower Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Tokyo 600 units
Tomihisa Cross Comfort Tower Toda Corporation 2015 Tokyo 1222 units
Proud Tsunashima SST Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. 2018 Kanagawa Prefecture 94 units
The Park House Yokohama Shinkoyasu Garden Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. 2015 Kanagawa Prefecture 497 units
Proud Machida Haseko Corporation 2014 Kanagawa Prefecture 161 units
Chalier Nagaizumi Gran Markus Toray Construction Co., Ltd. 2018 Shizuoka Prefecture 190 units
Grand Maison Misonoza Tower Kajima Corporation 2018 Aichi Prefecture 304 units
Proud Kawanayama Garden Hazama Ando Corporation 2013 Aichi Prefecture 116 units
Proud City Shinosaka Takenaka Corporation 2015 Osaka 310 units
Geo Senri Chuo Okumura Corporation 2015 Osaka 514 units
Proud Kurakuen Nomura Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. 2018 Hyogo Prefecture 65 units
Proud City Kobe Seishin-Minami Haseko Corporation 2015 Hyogo Prefecture 236 units
Grand Mark City Higashimuko Station-mae Kajita Corporation 2017 Kyoto 297 units
City Tower Hiroshima Maeda Corporation 2016 Hiroshima Prefecture 513 units
Park City Shingu-Chuo Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Fukuoka Prefecture 300 units
MarkS city The Oe Anabuki Construction Inc. 2013 Kumamoto Prefecture 151 units
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location Building Size
Shin Sapporo Toyokazukai Clinic Toda Corporation 2015 Hokkaido Prefecture 105 beds
Niigata Shirone General Hospital Relocation Fukuda Corporation 2016 Niigata Prefecture 179 beds
Itoigawa General and Senami Hospitals ESCO Energy Use Reduction Project Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. 2014 Niigata Prefecture 261 beds
Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital Stroke Care Center Construction Sato Kogyo Co., Ltd. 2017 Fukushima Prefecture 100 beds
Ahora Nikon Care House and Elderly Person Home Fujita Corporation 2011 Tochigi Prefecture 217 beds
Ikeda Hospital Medical Corporation Hachiminekai Ikeda Hospital 2011 Ibaraki Prefecture 152 beds
Special Elderly Person Home Komorebi no Oka Maeda Corporation 2015 Saitama Prefecture 140 beds
Saitama Seikeikai Hospital Expansion Asanuma Corporation 2013 Saitama Prefecture 195 beds
Chiba University Hospital Outpatient Ward (A and B) Chiba University 2015 Chiba Prefecture 835 beds
Medical Corporation Isshinkai Hatsutomi Hoken Hospital Transformer Repair, etc. Mr. Clean Corporation 2015 Chiba Prefecture 640 beds
(Temporary name) Sun City Machida 1st and 2nd Buildings and Tsurukawa Sakura Hospital Repair Toei Kenko Co., Ltd. 2015 Tokyo 118 beds
IUHW Mita Hospital Toda Corporation 2012 Tokyo 291 beds
Special Elderly Person Home Aoba Asakura-en Kawamoto Industry Corporation 2015 Kanagawa Prefecture 122 beds
Sun City Yokoyama Minami Taisei Corporation 2013 Kanagawa Prefecture 190 beds
Special Elderly Person Home Kibo no Go Daiji Dai Nippon Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Aichi Prefecture 120 beds
Shinsuma Hospital Araigumi Co., Ltd. 2015 Hyogo Prefecture 147 beds
National Hospital Organization Nara Medical Center Building, Etc. Reconstruction National Hospital Organization Nara Medical Center 2014 Nara Prefecture 350 beds
Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety Okayama Rousai Hospital Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety 2014 Okayama Prefecture 355 beds
Medical Organization Jinokai Koizumi Hospital Earthquake Fortification Facilities Maintenance P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Hiroshima Prefecture 392 beds
National Hospital Organization Shikoku Medical Center for Children and Adults National Hospital Organization Zentsuji Clinic 2014 Kagawa Prefecture 689 beds
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location
Suzuyo Sendai New Distribution Center Suzuyo Construction Corporation 2015 Miyagi Prefecture
Noboru Steel Co., Ltd. Medeshima Dai Factory Toyo Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Miyagi Prefecture
ITEC Corporation Soma Factory Construction Matsui Construction, Co., Ltd. 2018 Fukushima Prefecture
Takata Koryo Co., Ltd. Kanto Factory Fujita Corporation 2014 Tochigi Prefecture
Ohta Isan Co., Ltd. Ibaraki Factory Shimizu Corporation 2015 Ibaraki Prefecture
HAX Corporation Headquarters Sato Kogyo Co., Ltd. 2014 Ibaraki Prefecture
ITEC Corporation Kanto Branch Repair Maeda Corporation 2015 Saitama Prefecture
Yonex Co., Ltd. Tokyo Third Factory Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. 2016 Saitama Prefecture
Green Plaza Fujimi Tobishima Corporation 2013 Tokyo
Yokohama Reito Tokyo-Haneda Distribution Center Yokohama Reito Co., Ltd. 2018 Tokyo
K2 Project C Building Construction Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Kanagawa Prefecture
Green Message Corporation Yamato Office (Temporary Name) Fujita Corporation 2015 Kanagawa Prefecture
Fuji Capsule Corporation, Kitayama Factory First Pharmaceutical Preparation Building Expansion Kiuchi Construction Co., Ltd. 2014 Shizuoka Prefecture
Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd. Procurement Building Toray Construction Co., Ltd. 2013 Shizuoka Prefecture
Runtec Corporation Shinnagoya Branch NIPPO Corporation 2012 Aichi Prefecture
Captex Okayama Factory Shimizu Corporation 2012 Aichi Prefecture
Osaka City 3-Chome Minato Ward New Electrical Facilities Installation Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. 2017 Osaka
Toyoshima Trans Group Hanshin Distribution Center Expansion Obayashi Corporation 2012 Hyogo Prefecture
Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation Wakayama Factory Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation 2011 Hyogo Prefecture
North Materials Sorting Center Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation 2013 Hiroshima Prefecture
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location
Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena Fukuda Corporation 2014 Niigata Prefecture
Niigata University (Igarashi) Engineering School A Building Repair Niigata University 2014 Niigata Prefecture
Tohoku University (Kawauchi 1) Student Support Center Construction, etc. Tohoku University 2015 Miyagi Prefecture
28 Kokyogaku (Temporary Name) Tsukubamiraishi Tachifujimigaoka Elementary School Construction Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. 2018 Ibaraki Prefecture
High Energy Research (Tokai) Hadron Experimentation Facility (Hadron South Experimentation Building, etc.) High Energy Accelerator Research Organization 2015 Ibaraki Prefecture
University of Tsukuba Infrastructure Work (University Building High-pressure Electrical Transformer Installation, etc.) University of Tsukuba 2013 Ibaraki Prefecture
Tokyo International University Ground Work Fujita Corporation 2012 Saitama Prefecture
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. Research Center "Ai-Village" Kitano Construction Corp. 2013 Saitama Prefecture
Soto Building Transformer Installation and Electrical Generator Upgrade Religious Organization Soto Zen 2015 Tokyo
Yamawaki Junior and Senior High School Facility Maintenance Toda Corporation 2015 Tokyo
Itabashi Nursing School Remodeling Tokyo Bureau of Finance 2014 Tokyo
Third Junior & Senior High School of Nihon University 80 Year Anniversary Project Taisei Corporation 2013 Tokyo
National Defense Academy (21) Student Building D New Electrical Installation, etc. South Kanto Defense Bureau 2012 Kanagawa Prefecture
Santo Myuze Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture 2014 Nagano Prefecture
Imasen Global Research and Development Center Yahagai Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Aichi Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Suita Municipal Senrioka Kita Elementary School Suita City Office 2015 Osaka
Kansai University Earthquake Repair (Third School Building Hall 1, etc.) Shimizu Corporation 2015 Osaka
Osaka Prefecture University BNCT Innovation Site Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. 2014 Osaka
Hygiene Research Lab Earthquake Repair Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 2012 Hiroshima Prefecture
Ehime Medical Association Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. 2012 Ehime Prefecture
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location
DCM Homak Eniwa Location Maeda Corporation 2015 Hokkaido Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Esashi Complex Store Plan Maeda Corporation 2013 Hokkaido Prefecture
Miyagi Consumer's Cooperative Society Naga Location Fukuda Corporation 2015 Miyagi Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Zennoh Miyagi Prefecture Main Area Funeral Hall (Yasuragi Hall Mitazono) Sato Kogyo Co., Ltd. 2015 Miyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Consumer's Cooperative Society Furukawa Minami Rebuilding Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. 2012 Miyagi Prefecture
Riverside Phoenix Golf Club Club House Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. 2014 Saitama Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Nitori Umejima Location Construction Okumura Corporation 2017 Tokyo
(Temporary Name) Olympic Kichijoji Building Earthquake Repair Okumura Corporation 2015 Tokyo
Spiral Electrical Equipment Upgrade Tobishima Corporation 2012 Tokyo
Center Minami Hikari Building Obayashi Corporation 2015 Kanagawa Prefecture
Day Trip Natural Hot Spring Spa Ryusennji no Yu Tsurugamine Location Taisei Corporation 2013 Kanagawa Prefecture
Daiei Kanazawa Hakkei Location First Half of 2012 Repair Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. 2012 Kanagawa Prefecture
Kannami Sports Park Light Facility Maintenance Kannami Town 2015 Shizuoka Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Tenominami Shopping Center Suzuyo Construction Corporation 2012 Shizuoka Prefecture
Shimizu Komagoe Shopping Center Bay Dream Shimizu Suzuyo Construction Corporation 2011 Shizuoka Prefecture
Port Walk Minato Shiohama Industry Corporation 2015 Aichi Prefecture
Yoshizuya Toyoyama Location Yahagai Construction Co., Ltd. 2015 Aichi Prefecture
Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Large Coral Reef Tank Repair Kajima Corporation 2014 Aichi Prefecture
Daiso Sangyo Shinsaibashi Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. 2013 Osaka
Ishiuchi Yuto Commercial Facility Tenant Building Imori Corporation 2014 Hiroshima Prefecture
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location
(Temporary Name) Niseko Yamada Complex Ishiyamagumi Co., Ltd. 2014 Hokkaido Prefecture
Iizaka Hotel Juraku Earthquake Reconstruction Moriya Corporation 2013 Fukushima Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Koshi no Kiritsuka Singles Dormitory Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd. 2013 Ibaraki Prefecture
Sakuragawa City North School Lunch Center Kabuki Construction Co., Ltd. 2013 Ibaraki Prefecture
Happy Science University Student Dormitory Shimizu Corporation 2015 Chiba Prefecture
Banderian Matsudo Tobishima Corporation 2014 Chiba Prefecture
Elderly Care Complex Shizukaso Toyoda Kogyo Co., Ltd. 2013 Chiba Prefecture
Sumitomo Life Sansho Dorm Cubicle Upgrade, Etc. Fujita Corporation 2015 Tokyo
Hotel Hokke in Asakusa Repair Tokyo Grand Hotel 2015 Tokyo
Yokohama Isezakicho Washington Hotel Research Facility Remodeling Tanseisha Co., Ltd. 2015 Kanagawa Prefecture
JA Sagami Fujisawa Agricultural Revitalization Center Facility Maintenance Fujita Corporation 2011 Kanagawa Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Nishiki 3-chome Hotel Construction Plan Maeda Corporation 2018 Aichi Prefecture
Hotel UNIZO Osaka Umeda Electrical Installation Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. 2018 Osaka
(Temporary Name) MID Kyoto Shijo-dori Project Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. 2014 Kyoto
Asahi Kasei Corporation Mizushima Singles Dormitory Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. 2012 Okayama Prefecture
Green Sky Hotel Takehara Fujita Corporation 2015 Hiroshima Prefecture
Hikari New Dormitory Construction Project Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. 2011 Yamaguchi Prefecture
HOTEL UNIZO Hakataeki Hakataguchi Daiho Corporation 2018 Fukuoka Prefecture
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location
Imon Sapporo Park Front Building Repair Maeda Corporation 2014 Hokkaido Prefecture
MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant Civil Engineering Project Temporary Construction Taisei Corporation 2011 Aomori Prefecture
Government Building 4 Prefectural Government Building Electrical Generator Upgrade Niigata Prefecture 2017 Niigata Prefecture
JA Kyosai Niigata Building Taisei Corporation 2012 Niigata Prefecture
Fukushima Courthouse (09) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Tohoku Region Office 2013 Fukushima Prefecture
Onagawa Town Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Facility Maintenance Maruhon Gumi Corporation 2015 Miyagi Prefecture
Takahagi City Main Government Building (Post-Disaster) Reconstruction Kabuki Construction Co., Ltd. 2017 Ibaraki Prefecture
Mita NN Building Mizuho Securities Office Construction Kajima Corporation 2015 Tokyo
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Meguro Mita Building Facility Restoration Muromachi Building Services Co., Ltd. 2015 Tokyo
Toyo Keizai Building Air Conditioner Upgrade Skcreed Co., Ltd. 2015 Tokyo
Japanese Residence of the Ambassador to Germany Repair Tsuchiya Corporation 2014 Tokyo
(Temporary Name) Core R&D Center Expansion Plan Fujita Corporation 2013 Kanagawa Prefecture
Intelligent Systems Headquarters Relocation Project Nakagawa Construction Company 2013 Kyoto
(Temporary Name) Joto Area Complex Building Electrical Facilities Installation Osaka City, Osaka 2016 Osaka
Nippon COMSYS Osaka TS Fujita Corporation 2015 Osaka
Mein Rekko A Building Earthquake fortification, etc. Okumura Corporation 2014 Hyogo Prefecture
Caitac Corp. Headquarters Expansion Arakigumi Co., Ltd. 2015 Okayama Prefecture
Marui Sangyo Co., Ltd. Storage Battery Installation Marui Sangyo Co., Ltd. 2015 Hiroshima Prefecture
2009 - 2011 Kochi Legal Affairs Office Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Shikoku Region Office 2012 Kochi Prefecture
(Temporary Name) Higashihie Business Center II Electrical Facilities Installation Fujita Corporation 2016 Fukuoka Prefecture
Project Name Contractor Date Complete Location
Doo Freeway Washibetsu Tunnel Lighting Facilities East Nippon Expressway Company 2006 Hokkaido Prefecture
Shinshunezaka Tunnel Electrical Wiring Facilities Ministry of Land、Infrastructure and Transport Tohoku Region Office 2006 山形県
Aobayama Tunnel Electrical Wiring Ministry of Land、Infrastructure and Transport Tohoku Region Office 2012 Miyagi Prefecture
Sendai Airport Parking Lot Office, Etc. Post-Earthquake Restoration Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. 2011 Miyagi Prefecture
Asutonaga Town Lighting Installation, etc. Taisei Corporation 2007 Miyagi Prefecture
Central Research Facility 5th Sub-Transformer High-Pressure Cable Upgrade (2011) Japan Safe Driving Center Central Training Academy for Safe Driving 2012 Ibaraki Prefecture
Tokyo Expressway Sector SJ11-SJ34 (1-2-1) Tunnel Lighting, etc. Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited 2010 Tokyo
Kawasemi Tunnel Lighting and Emergency Facilities Mishima City 2010 Shizuoka Prefecture
Nagoya Expressway Kiyosu Ichinomiya Route Lighting Facilities, etc. (Nishihara Transformer Tower Sector) Nagoya Expressway Public Corporation 2005 Aichi Prefecture
Shirasagi Project Southern City Parking Area Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd. 2013 Osaka
Chugoku Expressway Yamasaki Interchange Toll Booth Maintenance Road Asunaro Aoki Construction Co., Ltd. 2012 Hyogo Prefecture
Sanyo Expressway Ryugatake Tunnel Lighting Facilities West Nippon Expressway Company 2007 Yamaguchi Prefecture
Shinmatsuo Tunnel Lighting Facilities Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Shikoku Region Office 2009 Ehime Prefecture
Kochi Airport External Warning Light Installation Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Osaka Airport Office 2004 Kochi Prefecture
Tohoku University (Hospital) Visitor Parking Complex, Etc. Construction Nissei Build Kogyo Co., Ltd. 2016 Miyagi Prefecture