Raised Floor Installation

Starting a New Business That Combines Electrical Works
with Interior Finishing.

Utilizing our knowledge and original components for renovation and small-scale construction projects,
including electrical instrument maintenance and entry and exit control systems for offices,
HEXEL Works is creating a comprehensive construction solution that only we can provide.

Our Representatives Discuss
Our Strengths

Our Representatives Discuss Our Strengths

E-Square Division Head

Akio Moriguchi

In standard electrical work projects, raised floor construction and electrical equipment installation are performed simultaneously. By using our proprietary aluminum raised floor panel (called the E-SQUARE Panel), which is highly compatible with the needs of electrical equipment installation, clients are able to order a single, comprehensive electrical construction solution, rather than separate orders for installation and interior finishing.

In addition, as we use compact and light panels that enable the easy addition of cables or outlets to accommodate future layout changes, we are able to easily adapt to various customer needs, such as modular construction, etc.

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