Why Choose Us

Reliable technical skills, dependable people supporting them,
and a healthy financial base.

HEXEL Works, Inc. boasts an unparalleled portfolio in the installation
of electrical equipment for large apartment buildings and US military bases,
not to mention glowing endorsements from satisfied customers.

Our current high standing is due to years of continuous effort to become electrical experts and our steady output of quality results.

And supporting these efforts and results are our superior technical skills, diverse human resources, and healthy financial base.

With these three solid foundations of business, we are able to tackle challenges that other companies simply cannot.

We promise to put our know-how and practical skills to use in helping you as well.

“ The Six Strengths of HEXEL Works ”

HEXEL Works’ Skill

The Best and Biggest Name in Large Apartment Building Construction!
An Expansive Portfolio and the Ability to Handle a Wide Variety of Jobs

In the past, large apartment building construction was considered a far cry from more glamorous construction works such as shopping facilities and other impressive landmarks that are featured in trade magazines; it was a humble, low-profit venture that many companies avoided. It was for this very reason, though, that we entered into the apartment construction business. We developed a novel approach that went against the common consensus, building a corporate structure for high-volume construction, and now we have secured a commanding share of the industry.


Flexible and Comprehensive
Electrical Construction Services

We bring our years of skills and experience to bear in order to provide service that smartly and flexibly meets the needs of our customers.
We provide comprehensive electrical construction and installation services for not only large apartment buildings, but also a wide variety of areas including medical, lodging, office, and commercial facilities.

Ability and Versatility to Work for the US Military

Ability and Versatility to Work for the US Military

Construction work for the US military is completely different from standard construction work in Japan, as it requires knowledge of US specifications, standards, and skills. Therefore, just as with large apartment complexes, many other construction companies have been reticent to work in this field. Despite this, we eagerly entered this market in 2003 and, through years of work at military installations all over the country and the accumulated knowledge and skill gained in the process, now have a dominant position in this market as well.

HEXEL Works’ Human Resources

A Highly Specialized Team of Professionals

A Highly Specialized Team of Professionals

Our company boasts a track record in large apartment complex and US military construction that puts other subcontractors to shame. With field representatives with over 1,000 units large-scale projects completed without incident in a three-year period, and support staff with excellent English skills, the diversity of our human resources is truly one of our great strengths. We have built a team of professionals, each with their own specializations and strengths, under the philosophy not of “getting any kind of job 90% done,” but “getting the jobs we focus on 120% done.”

Making Employees Stronger through Thorough On-the-Job Training

Making Employees Stronger through Thorough On-the-Job Training

Our model for professional development is mastering OJT through repetition. Typically, employees who have learned the necessary skills are given the chance to immediately take responsibility for work in the field. As a result, young employees have ample opportunities to thrive here. In addition, we put newly-graduated employees through an accelerated, three-year trajectory training program designed to give them essential professional skills to be outstanding field representatives.

HEXEL Works’ Financial Base

A Healthy Financial State Since Founding

With large-scale construction projects often taking several years to complete, ours is a business that requires significant capital investment. For this reason, we have spent years improving the financial state of our company. Now, with zero interest-bearing liabilities and almost no payments on real estate properties or securities, we can fully utilize the capital we possess. As a result, we have been able to steadily increase our owned capital ratio to its current level of well over 50%.