Corporate Governance

Towards Transparent Management

In September 2004, our company transitioned into being a company with committees.

Under this system, three committees (the appointment, remuneration,
and auditing committees) run by a majority of outside directors appoint company executives,
decide their remuneration, and audit the overall management of the company.

In many companies where this system is used, outside directors are not actually able to take a major role in company affairs.

HEXEL Works, however, brings in only the finest external talent,
and strives for a level of corporate governance and proper information disclosure that adheres not only to the letter,
but also the spirit of Japanese corporate law.

In our quarterly company report as well,
we are not reticent to sometimes release information which might be considered disadvantageous to us,
as we prefer instead to maintain a high level of trust among our external stakeholders.

Furthermore, we report detailed information regarding our finances, orders received,
and construction project statuses to financial institutions and credit research companies twice a year.

Finally, our entire board of directors consists of a lean eight members, which allows critical,
company-wide decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.